Monday, May 18, 2009

What's your love language?

Mine is spending time together
and working on a project.

*Going to Grandpa's to work*

We started a new tradition this year.
One Saturday per month we (the kids and us) pick a family member
and all go to their house to work on a project.
Mainly, it is the men who are working;
the womenfolk are busy with babies and keeping the men fed.
Last month they gathered firewood for our son
and this month it was our turn to have everyone here.
We picked working on our outbuildings.

We are taking part of the barn to designate a *man* space.

My husband seems to think

that my business has taken over the entire property

and he's claiming this space as *his*.

It will be his new shop-he's very excited-he's never had one before.

Here they are putting siding on my shop.

We always have time for a break.

Aunt Gracie's homemade cinnamon rolls

and lots of joking around

It was a very fun day

being productive, building memories,

and saying I love you.


fairmaiden said...

What a wonderful new family tradition. I can see our family doing the same one day. What an inspiration your family is of togetherness, love, commitment, and happiness. You make me smile.

vintage at heart said...

Family time is so special especially when everyone is working hard to help one another!!! I love seeing photos your lovely Family all together.

Rochelle said...

This is so gathered around helping each other! All coming together with each of their talents to produce the finished project! Hope your husband is pleased with the outcome! :)
Have a great day..

Melly said...

My love language is quality time, it means so much to me spending time with those I love. It looks like you and your family are having a wonderful time together. I'm sure your hubby is looking forward to his space, can't wait to see the finished product.
Enjoy your quality time with your family, soak in their love.
Have a lovely day, Rene'!

Sandi said...

Oh what fun memories you are making! I think we should do that here, but I doubt I could get my family to cooperate. LOL

Just a little something from Judy said...

I enjoy every visit to your beautiful and interesting blog. It is refreshing to see how your family works together.

colbycottage said...

That is definitely my love language also. I hate sitting still I'd much rather be spending my time serving along side my family.I love your new tradition, very common place 50 years ago. Have a blessed week Kathy


That looks like so much fun! When its time to go to your Moms house, make sure you bring your camera, LOL!! What a wonderful family you have(;