Thursday, May 21, 2009

thrifty thursdays...

I haven't shown you much this year from my treasure hunts

because they just haven't been that good.

The sales have had long lines , high prices and not much to offer.

I was starting to worry I just might run out of inventory.

(Insert husband bursting into laughter here)

but really, I do have to replace what I sell, don't I?

By last Saturday, I almost didn't go.

I was discouraged, I was tired and I was afraid.

Afraid of failing and afraid of the competition.

That is no reason to stay with husband's blessing off I went.

I'm sure glad I did.

There were enough goodies for everyone and the prices were great!

I love this transferware bowl...not sure I can part with it.

There was a box with wonderful old sheet music.

This is just in time for my *4th of July* look.

This sweet little child's rocker just melted my heart.

I also found this dryer,

which as I was walking out the door, husband yells "bring home a dryer."

We were desperately needing one....mine was clanging really loudly.

It was like new, super capacity, and only $65.00

It really is awesome how the Lord provides for us.

but anyway, the dryer is for another post....

That's all for now,

have a wonderful day.



Sandi said...

Amazing finds Rene! I want to go to garage sales tomorrow and just take our time and have a fun day.

I could learn a lesson from you. We tend to go out and buy a new appliance when ours breaks down and from now on I want to look at used first. I know there are amazing bargains out there. Thanks for sharing the Lords provisions in your life. Our God is an awesomen God!

Old Centennial Farmhouse said... did wonderfully! I too, love the child's rocker, I have a terrible time refusing anything that's mini like that.

Becky said...

What great finds! Don't ya just love it!
A very special weekend for us.
My baby gets married.
Hope yours in wonderful too.

My Shabby Roses said...

I understand the feeling of "I hope I don't run out of things".

When estate shopping week-ends aren't that great, you do get concerned.

I'm glad you were able to find some wonderful items.

Sweet Old Vintage said...

Great treasures.... Have a wonderful weekend.....

Lenemora said...


I am Lenemora from Norway. I have never visit your blog before, but its a beautiful site you have.

I understand that you belive in God and so do I.

I will follow you site.

Have a nice weekend and God bless you so much!

Hug from Lenemora

Melly said...

wow Rene' you found so many gorgeous treasures :)
Isn't God lovely at how He supplies all we need.

Have a super sweet weekend!