Thursday, January 29, 2009

Just one more....

OK~2 More
Miss Madi
had a photo shoot
with Auntie


AllyJo said...

Thank you kindly for visiting my blog. Truth be told, I have never met Lady Jane in person, but we've been online friends since 2001. I've felt like I've known her all my life though and she certainly is a special person. Keep her around. She'll always bless you.

I love all your pretty blogs and eye candy. I'll have to put you on my links so I can remember to check frequently. Such pretty things to see!!

Blessings to you! Take care.

Rochelle said...

What a doll!!
Have fun with your grandchildren!

salmagundi said...

Such a cutie pie!! Beautiful pictures also. Sally

just a little bit shabby said...

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL child!!

Becky said...

How adorable! Smooches on that sweet little face!


What a sweetie. She is a little doll and those eyes... my Goodness.
How did I miss that post below???? They are all os healthy, happy and loved and it shows!! You are so Blessed with your Children and Grandchildren. What a joy it must be to have them all close by!!

fairmaiden said...

Now that is gorgiousness. How did she manage to tie that ribbon around her head and keep it on?! Madi is a beauty.

lady jane said...

Oh my goodness wouldjalookatthatbaby!?!?! I want one, too!

She's too too too sweet, Rene. :o)