Saturday, January 17, 2009


Last night was *date night*

After dinner we headed up to the antique mall

I thought I would share

some of the lovely eye candy

Isn't this the prettiest dress you've ever seen?

Unfortunately, (maybe fortunately)
it was out of my price range

it was pure beauty...

This is what I want
*Miss Gracie's*
to look like when she grows up!


Cottage Rose said...

Wow what a great place to end a date night. I could go nuts in that shop.

I want my house to look like that.


Becky said...

That is what I want to look like when I grow up too. That was beautiful. Kuddos to hubby. He picked the perfect place to take his date. Where is that beautiful place? Does she have a web page or blog?

Sandi said...

GORGEOUS eye candy! In fact it has inspired me. I LOVE the old frame hanging in the corner with the fabric draped and the flower on it...looks so soft and dreamy. I hauled out two antique frames that I am going to paint and I want to use that idea on my stairway wall that I have had such a dilema over. Now to get it to look like it does in my mind. LOL


I think you are already there!!! I was admiring your post a few days have such talent and an eye for turning items into beautiful masterpeices!!!
Glad that you had a date night that ended with such pretty eye candy for us!!

Maison Douce said...

What a gorgeous antique mall!!! I see lots of stuff that I love...


Pretty,pretty,pretty!! What a great date night and by the way your house is just as pretty!!

emily said...

What a great shop! Love that dress too, but out of my price range too:(

Cindy@Cutepinkstuff said...

Great place to end up after date night dinner! Beautiful items, wish I could shop there! Thanks for stopping by to see our quatrefoil chairs. I love crossing off projects on my list!

colbycottage said...

What pretty pictures!! I just wanted to let you know i gave you an award for your wonderful blog,stop by my blog when you get a chance. Blessings Kathy

The Rustic Victorian said...

So much eye candy! Great photos!

Ember said...

Rene, you do look like this. You have such great talent and I wish you could see that in yourself. I admire you and your talent TONS. Anyway I ventured out today to the Shabby House, I just couldn't stay away any longer cause I wanted to see you new space. WOW! It was so awesome and I am happy that you have your place inside now. I no you will do well with all of your endeavors with your creative outlet. Remember I am always here for you and next summer if you ever need an extra set of hands, I would love to come and help. I think Ellis would love to just roam around out there maybe play with your grandbabies.
Anyway much love and keep up the good work. I am living through you!