Sunday, January 25, 2009

a bittersweet sale...

It started out like most days at the shop
arranging and re-arranging.
I had just finished a vignette when
an expectant* mommy*, Jennifer,
and her mother came
into my space to shop.
They decided on this piece for the nursery

"What's her name?" I asked Jennifer.


On a whim, ( I have never done this)
Can I take your picture with the pie
I want to do a post for my blog.

Her mother says "Tell her the story".

Jennifer then told me of losing
her p
recious baby boy last January
now they are expecting this "new bundle of Joy".

We were then both in tears.
I am soo sorry and I soo understand.

You see, I lost my dear Joy 5 years ago
and my daughter her Ellie
Rene' just last February.

And now, Jennifer is soo excited for this little one
I am soo excited to be a part
(I know a very small part)
of the anticipationand preparation
for her.

Miss Gracie's grew during those 5 dark years of healing.
It became my creative outlet, a reason to go outside,
to be able to cry while I painted,
and an opportunity to make something beautiful
when everything around me was not.

And now,
here she was
taking home this small part of me
for her joy.
I was blessed beyond measure
I hope she received a mall amount of blessing, too!
for sweet Jennifer
and her precious Olivia (due in April).


Mrs. MK said...

sweet....God is so good! Prayer for little Olivia!!

philben5 said...

Bless you for sharing your story.

Sandi said...

What a precious story... Love the piece of furniture that they chose too!

Becky said...

I remember buying a rocking chair at a garage sale. The gal that I bought it from had cancer and 2 small children. Each time I rocked in the chair I prayed for this lady. I use to think there was no ministry in painting and restoring furniture. But who but He would understand restoration and drop that into my heart and boy did He use my sweet little shop. That was a precious post. So happy He is using you and your business too!

fairmaiden said...

This is such a thoughtful post. Truly God cares for us down to the smallest details. He brought you together...He is so tenderhearted, I love HIM!!! And I'll be praying for baby Olivia.


Hi René,
Thanks for the comments on my hutch, Can you please let me know where you get your appliques from? They look chunkier, (I don't think that is a word)than the ones I was looking at and that is what it needs (;
P.S. I left you a comment yesterday on bittersweet sale post but I don't see it here?? I am soooo sorry for your loss and I am saying my prayers for little Olivia!!


I followed Mrs M through her journey last year which is how I found you...I think... God has given us all so many Blessings among the heartache..I like to think He has brought all of us together just when we need one another the most. I will say prayers for Olivia and her sweet Momma and I know they will treasure the lovely item and think of you when they use it!


I just saw your comment on the award I gave you, your one of my fav's too (; Thanks for the info on the appliques.

lady jane said...

(((tender hug)))

I know from whence you speak, Rene. How lovely that this new mama and her upcoming Olivia will treasure this beautiful piece of furniture. Truly a blessing.