Wednesday, December 1, 2010

snow day...

Hello December

i'm declaring a holiday
 snow day
12 inches
(that's unheard  before christmas)

even though we homeschool
and there isn't really a  reason
not to do math...
 what's the fun in that?

i have the whole day at home
(even church is cancelled)

what to do?

 the possibilities are endless

get lost in blogland
make one of these...i've always wanted to
watch North and South
sit by the fire
decorate the mantle
i could even get out the sewing machine
get my etsy store back up and running
make soup
hmm...we'll see what happens

have a cozy day,


" SHABBY JUNK" said...

Your house is amazing ,,LOVE IT! It went from 20's to 50's here at a little after noon. That is Texas typical weather, crazy. The snow is so pretty. Thanks for the photos. judy

Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

Oh, Rene...Can I just say how appreciative I am that you took the time to photograph your beautiful farmhouse in the snow for us? It is nothing short of GORGEOUS and your pictures are worthy of a story book! I am a little envious of a foot of snow, here in MI all we got was a dusting, but it still helps with the cozy at home feeling snow brings with it!

Have a great day!


Your home looks so lovely with the blanket of snow around it. We are having snow flurries here also. I have been trimming the tree and such. Enjoy your snow day.

It's me said...

Beautiful Rene...what a lot of also snow in Holland...and very very very cold,.., Ria....

Just a little something from Judy said...

I am a bit jealous of your white winter wonderland, considering I in the midst of a rain storm here. Your pictures are so beautiful! I know that whatever you put your heart into doing today, it will end up being worthwhile. Your creativity continues to amaze me. Stay warm.

FlowerLady said...

Wow, it's early but pretty just the same.

It is gray and windy here with the temperature dropping. It's supposed to get down to 54 and feel like it's 48 for us. I was sweating earlier, but after lunch the weather did a switcheroo, and the a.c. is now off.

Enjoy your cozy day indoors.


glenda said...

Sounds good, all of it...
and you are so blessed to have a home like that.

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

I agree with all your suggestions while you sit by the fire and enjoy the beauty around you. Gosh, for as far as I can see in your pics it's all white. Your place is just beautiful, a post card type of beauty!!

Bella said...

Hi Rene,
We had snow super early too, and I am not complaining one bit... I LOVE IT!! I have never seen the front view of your house before, gorgeous!! Have a wonderful snow day :-)

Anonymous said...

Your home looks so pretty covered with snow!!


glimpse of my world said...

oh wow..beautiful... it's still in the 70's in Texas.. enjoy!!

Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. said...

Snow days are the best! Enjoy!!!

Julie (Legacy Crafter) said...

gorgeous pictures, is tnat your property? Have fun in all that snow

podso said...

I'd make soup for sure. Love all your snow house photos, and how you let the green peek through. The third one down is exquisite!

debi said...

Rene, your photos are beautiful! Your home looks so peaceful and serene tucked into all that snow!
Stay cozy!

John'aLee said...

I could just move right into your house! It looks so 'me'!
Love your blog!

A Cottage Muse said...

Although I am not ready for snow I'd love a snow day too!!

Happy December!!

Minnie Kitchen said...

wow!! have fun!!

Jacque said...

I love your home, in the snow and with the spring flowers!

Liz said...

Well make it a great day! And enjoy! :)


Tarnished and Tattered said...

Wow Rene,
Your house looks amazing blanketed in all that beautiful snow. I saw the JC magazine on Junes blog & need to go order it. I love her work. I love Porch too, always get it. Are you in it this month? If not you should be. Your home is SO magazine worthy. Happy Holiday wishes to you! Lisa

June said...

I missed this post Rene, but had to come and tell you haw amazing your home looks in the snow! I hope you did ALL of these things that day, because you certainly deserve a break!
big hug

Rebecca said...

Hi Rene'
If you are like me, the whole day goes by and I can't account for it!
The house looks amazing in all the beautiful white stuff! I hope your Holiday season is going well!
Many Blessings

Lovey said...

Oh what fun! Wow! I hope you enjoyed your snow day!! Walking in a winter wonderland....

Deanne said...

Hi Rene,
Thank you for visiting my blog!
How did you find me?
Love you blog too- I have had a bit of a look around.
I think a snow day would be fun, not something that will ever happen where we live but we have had a too hot day and taken off to the beach or pool!

Stacy ~ Stacy's Shabby Shoppe said...

Hi Rene ~ just wanted to drop in and introduce myself. I am a good friend of Jo's and saw your lovely home in her new mag. So gorgeous! I thought I'd come and visit your blog and I'm glad I did, it's just beautiful! I look forward to visiting again. Stop by my blog and say hello! ~Stacy~ (*_*)

Fish Tail Cottage said...

Your home is really amazing & very very beautiful!
ps - i'm a new follower of yours...