Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Good morning, girls.
Today I'm showing you more photos of my newly-decorated laundry room.
I posted them earlier in the summer but I know that some of you are new.
and there are just not enough hours in the day!
Only 2 more weeks of oustside painting and then I'm movin' inside!
Fall cleaning is on the agenda and maybe a little more decorating?
I'm looking forward to it...

I appreciate all the sweetness you all leave for me,
really I do.
I'm trying to make the rounds....

Have a great day and skip on over to Faded Charm
(see link on side bar-something was not working and I don't have time to fix it)
to see lots of fun stuff!


Ruby Grace's said... laundry room is prettier than my entire house! What a great room. I love the frame...well, I love it all. Thanks for posting, now go do some laundry.

fairmaiden said...

Your laundry room should be in a cottage magazine. It inspires me.

junkdreams said...

Wow...what a gorgeous laundry room. Lots of inspiring ideas. I love what you did with the old frame.
Happy day.

Sweet Old Vintage said...

when I click on your faded cottage I come up with strange stuff. not fun things.....HUmmmmmmm..... said...

Now that's a laundry room I wouldn't mind spending time in! Beautiful. I really love your home. Lisa

Cindy-Stitches-N-Stuff said...

Hi Miss Gracie, thank you for visiting my blog. Don't you just love doing laundry in a room that you love.

I really like that little white creamer with the ecru doilie and gem.


Sandi said...

I don't mind seeing your beautiful photos twice Rene'!! They are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Love Love what you have done with this laundry room! The beadboard with shelf- charming. THe frame with little bunny and pretties hanging from the wire- so sweet. So many lovely details for the eyes to feast on! I am so wanting a laundry room like this!

Deb said...

Gorgeous laundry room! I love the picture frame with the wire "clothesline" holding the sweet little bunny ♥

June said...

What a lovely room to do laundry Rene. Such pretty vignettes. I love the dress you have hanging up. You have such a wonderful knack.
Oh and to answer your ???. I can't keep it clean for very long up there but everything washes well.
Dale and I don't eat fried foods (much), so that makes it a little better.

Laura said...

This is such a lovely space! You have some wonderful vintage items and how perfect to have them all displayed in this laundry area! Thanks for sharing...very inspiring!
Take care, Laura

Cheryl said...

Such a pretty laundry area! It makes our chores much more bearable! We do love the same things don't we? I hope that we can be inspiring to each other.. Thanks so much for stopping by to say hi!

Faded Charm said...

Who wouldn't want to do laundry in this beautiful room. Very inspirational.


T's Daily Treasures said...

What a wonderfully lovely laundry room! I could fold clothes all day in there! :) Peace & blessings, Tammy

cindy@cottage instincts said...

Oh my Rene! My first time visiting you (thanks for the comment over at my place). LOVE everything...*swoon*
I signed on as a follower, nice to *meet* ya :O)

Peonies & Magnolias said...

Awesome laundry room, makes me want to do a major redo of mine.


Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

Love your laundry room. It's so fitting that the please you clean your clothes looks so fresh, lovely, and clean! Gorgeous!

A Little Of This And That said...

I love your laundry room. Almost makes me want to go do a load of laundry. ;)

Candy said...

Wonderfully white wonders, wish my laundry room would take a few lessons from yours.
Thanks for your kind words and your welcomed visit.
Have fun with the indoor decorating and I'll be waiting to see what you do.
Thursday Evening Blessings ;-)

Anne~fiona and twig said...

That is by far the prettiest laundry room I've ever seen! Far too pretty for dirty clothes to hang out!

Wizard of Was said...

Wow what a fantastic laundry room!! It should be in a magazine for sure! Mine is well at best not my most favorite in the house..hey maybe if I copy, er borrow your look, I might actually like doing laundry again??!!
Sorry it took me so long to get over here..things a little crazy for me..
My Best

vintagebejoyful said...

love the laundry room,it looks really big....lucky you! I enjoy your blog, hope to see you next time I am in the area.....


Debbie Kay said...

May I bring my laundry over just so I can see that beautiful room in person? You are amazing!

Lots of love,

Debbie Kay