Saturday, February 28, 2009

making mama proud...

It's been an intense week of basketball.
We are a homeschool team
that plays in a small christian school league.
It was tourney week and
we were playing
in the championship game...

Mine is #5!
She is a 6th grader that plays beyond her years...
loves the game!

The cheering squad-
there to watch their sister and Auntie.
She played well
2 buckets, 4 foul shots and 3 3- pointers!

Dad and sister are coaches-
it's a family affaire.

The final score to the game
We were the guest.
Not an easy loss as the 8-time defending champions...

But done with dignity, graciousness,
congratulations to the other team.

This says it all...
... a 3-pointer buzzer beater.

Play hard to the end
do it with a smile!

I was proud!


lady jane said...

Oh golly, this is like a flashback for me! Big time congrats to your sweet daughter. THREE pointers...and three of those! wow!

Lizzie played basketball for three years in a private league. It was a wonderful experience and she absolutely loved it. :o)

Sandi said...

Awww... that brings back memories of my boys playing years ago. You SHOULD be proud...she is special... "light of your life".

Just a little something from Judy said...

Congratulations to your adorable daughter! Brought back so many memories when I saw this post. Our three daughters also attended a small Christian school and we spent many hours at Basketball games. So proud of her and her team!

Becky said...

Good morning pround momma. Your daughter's smile is just beautiful.
I love watching girls basketball.
Altho my daughter never played our pastor's daughter does and it was so much fun watching her.
Thanks for your kind comments.
I am working on my booth today. It has been a crazy few weeks but hopefully I will see some profit soon.

Molly Mo's said...

Thanks for visiting my new blog and I hope you can make it to the show on the 21st. What a wonderful blog you have, I'm so jealous of your paint house! Your home looks beautiful also.

PS- cute daughter!