Sunday, September 21, 2008

Miss Gracie's and Friends Sale

I am soo humbled and honored

to see my guests come

One of my favorite pieces

that was finished just in time!

This is one display that I had a blast doing-

I was up at 6 AM (the morning of the sale)

to get that music paper put in

My primitive corner

One of my "friends" space

Over all the sale was good,

but it is soo much work

and hard on my family.

I never am prepared

or get to display the way I want to.

but, oh well,

maybe next year?

Talk to your soon,




Hi Rene'
Yeah your back! I'm so glad to hear you babies are at 32 wks, thank goodness they are doing good, I have thought about them and wondered how they were. Looks like you all had quite a crowd for your sale, I wish I had been in that line, but maybe it was a good thing I was here and you were there, saved me lots of money!LOL.
Take care and stop by for a visit once you have rested!!

Cindy@Cutepinkstuff said...

Oh how exciting to have a barn sale! Wish I were there to see your treasures, especially the the music papered piece! I bet you would have fun and do well at Very Vintage where I have set up my cutepinkstuff. The ladies there are Christian and soooo funny, helpful, creative and easy going. Hope all is well!

Sweet Old Vintage said...

Oh I truly am over the moon with the music sheet piece.... Wish I could visit all the sales and shops my blogger friends put on their blogs. I would be walking on water...Have a restful, wonderful week with your family and do something you love.

lady jane said...

These endeavors *are* hard work. But look at the beauty you've created and think on the delight your customers sense with each step into your booth. They don't see the unfinished - they see wonder! I'm seeing wonder just by viewing a few pictures - sure wish I could've been there. :o)

Now. Rest.

Joy said...

Glad you are doing well. You had a lot of people at your sale. Wish I could have come. :)