Sunday, September 7, 2008

Beautiful Girlhood

Have you ever watched the development of a rose

from a tiny bud to the open flower?

The bud holds more promise of beauty

than the foliage about it;

but day by day it grows

until it is full and round.

You look upon the bursting bud

with admiration and delight,

though yet you do not see

the rose in its full size and beauty.

Girlhood is the opening flower of womanhood.
The wonderful change from child to woman,
the marvelous blossoming
of young, healthy girlhood will ever be
God's great miracle in life's garden.

Girlhood days are happy days,
the blush of youth is on your cheeks,
and the rich, red blood of youth is in your veins,
while the cares of life have not yet settled upon your heart.

I would not chill

the warmth and aniamation of happy girlhood.

If I could see the clouds and storms of life just ahead,

the cares that would bend your back

and break your heart,

would they be any less painful or difficult if you knew?

Laugh and play now, for this is your day.

Dream your bright and happy dreams,

and aspire to your lofty heights.

Girlhood is a time of making ready.

In a few short years, oh! so few you will step

into the full care and responsibility of womanhood.

So laugh and play and rejoice in your youth,
dream your glorious daydreams,
sip the honey and nectar from every passing hour:

but guard well your feet
that they do not slip
into one of the snares and pitfalls along the way.

Be pure,

be true,

be sincere,

be earnest

and life will bring you peace and happiness.

*She's changing before my very eyes*

Beautiful girlhood
M. Hale
revised by Karen Andreola


Mrs. MK said...

Beautiful photos of a lovely girl!


Pink Slippers said...

Being a Mommy can be hard somedays..but if I could only keep my girls little and protected. Your post is my prayer for 'my girls' today. Thank you! Beautiful. Wendy


Oh how I wish I could go back to those days!!! Your daughter is so beautiful and they do grow up soooo fast.

Marietta said...

Lovely post... I stop by your blog every couple days, enjoy so much... I have just hosted a give-a-way in case you are interested.... Stop by.

colbycottage said...

Hi just wanted to say one of my closest friends published this wonderful book and I have also one of the old ones from the first publication. It has a blue cover.Enjoy! Kathy


Hi, just stopped by to say hi and that I hope everything is okay , it just seemed like a while since I've heard from you.just checkin(;