Friday, July 18, 2008


kiss me goodnight...

I love that phrase.
This is one of my favorite pillows
with those words embroidered on it.

I don't know about you
but when all is right with the husband,
then I can tackle just about anything,
but when it is not right...
it is not a pretty thing!

I've been spending some of the hot afternoons

up in my bedroom

(We only have A/C up here~

that is a move up from the "old days"!

as my older kids will attest to...

These old houses can get

up to 90 degrees in the upstairs-

How did they do it

without electricity and area fans?

I digress... I've been doing some past due spring cleaning

and, you know what that leads to...

decorating~I just can't help it!

We haven't done anything in here for quite awhile

so I'm wanting to fluff a bit

and finish up some things.

So I thought I'd show what it looks like right now.

This burgundy dress is a guinne sax

(if you know what that is-we know what age you are!)

I actually wore it to one of my high school dances-

of course, my date was dear hubby!

That tells how sentimental I am

and how I connect *memories* and *things*

The loveseat in the corner

was in my grandmother's house

for as long as I can remember.

She was way ahead of the times, don'tcha think?

We put the bathtub in the room

to be more like a bed and breakfast.

You can tell by the faucet

how many times I have used it:)

Maybe someday...

My 1/2 bath

the mirror harp we have put in 3 different houses.

We just buy an unfinished oak cabinet base

and then stain it to match.

But I'm thinkin' white paint!

This chandlelier was a surprise present

from my sweet husband.

I came home one day from shopping;

He had painted it & installed it.

Wasn't that sweet?



Oh my.. your Home is so pretty.. like a fairy tale or a magazine layout.. but warm and charming too!!! You definately have the touch!!
Thanks for the peek!
Stay cool!!!

lady jane said...

The Gunne Sax dress brings back memories for me too and yes, I'm dating myself here. I wore a light blue one for junior prom but didn't have a date like yours. ;o) Those dresses are on ebay - saw them yesterday. wow.

The white dress appears vintage. It'd make a beautiful wedding dress, wouldn't it?

I agree with your quote about all being right with your husband and tackling about anything, etc. I'm there but it isn't 'right' the past couple days. This too shall pass.


rosechicfriends said...

Hi Rene!
WOW your room is so soft and soothing..a wonderful retreat I am sure. I too am one of those sentimental kinda girls...I have my wedding dress hanging in my room.

Come on by my blog I just left you an award ...come on by and get it!

Love ya Lorena

thepaperroSe said...

I painted a little sign, with the same sentiment that hangs in our bedroom. Your bedroom looks very relaxing............

fairmaiden said...

Oh my, your bedroom suite is like straight out of a magazine. It is so romantic. That chandelier is amazing. I love your white iron bed. So glad all is well with the hubby...we've been having some tiffs too lately, but persistence in coming together, being at peace with one another is something I do...and then I get a wonderful suprise like the lovely note my hubby left me this week(I posted it today)oxox I just hate to let the days go slipping by with distance between us.

Candy said...

Dear Rene,
Your home is lovely. I almost purchased that exact same mirror that you have over your bathtub..I could kick myself now for not buying it because it looks so pretty in your home.
Hugs to you,

A Thing for Roses said...

Lovely pictures of your room! Thanks so much for sharing and try to stay cool!


P.S. I had a guinne sax dress for my 9th grade formal another one for prom and I think knock off for hs graduation.

Joy said...

Your home is just so charming. Love all the little touches and the pretty chandelier your dh surprised you with!

Maison Douce said...

Everything looks so pretty!! I especially love the white loveseat!!

Debbie Kay said...

Just found your blog and absolutely love it. Totally my kind of decorating. I have added you to my favorites....will come back often...

Debbie Kay

Pink Slippers said...

OMG! I just love your blog. I found it today via pink icing on the cake AKA For the love of cottage. Your style is the definition of romance. And I just love your name Gracie. I have six lil twinkies and if I ever have another girl I have always said I want to name her Gracie. It is very old-fashion kinda romantic name. Just love it! I look forward to visiting your blog in the future. Wendy!

emily said...

Just love your bedroom, beautiful!! Just came across your blog, and enjoying reading it!