Tuesday, August 7, 2012

a little mo...

 little miss mo (monique)  at 9 weeks

When little
miss mo came to grandma's house
 wearing pink zebra stripes and a pink tutu,
what was a grandmother to do?
What would  you do?

Of course, you find a pink bow
a pink suitcase.

Have you ever seen any
mo sweetness?

Having a litttle mo fun?

I will be missing for the next week or so.
We are having house guests...that's pretty rare for us.
I am cleaning like mad...I do love me a deadline.
And while I am cleaning, I am contemplating.
Contemplating the
things of life
things like:
 Is it necessary to paint (read re-decorate) the bathroom
just because I am cleaning the bathroom?
These are the deep things of my life.
I'm just kidding (sort of) of course
but I am enjoying taking care of my nest.

What are you up to during these last days of summer?
Have a great week, talk to you soon.


Sheila R - Blessed and Distressed said...

What a precious little one! Enjoy your last days of summer. We are hoping for cooler weather!

On Crooked Creek said...

Little Miss Mo is little Miss Precious, indeed! I adore how you photograped her in the suitcase! How can you bear to part with her when she must go home, again??? Oh, dear friend, I perfectly understand about cleaning a room (like a bathroom) and saying..."It's time for a re~do...'em make~over!" Enjoy your company! Be blessed!

ew.ka said...

Monique rośnij zdrowo!

Jest piękna :-)

Victorian1885 said...

She is beautiful! Enjoy your guests!

NanaDiana said...

Mo! I want to see MO of Mo! She is just beautiful!!! I love the pictures. Enjoy your company- We have a party next week and I need to get my butt buzy! xo Diana