Monday, November 30, 2009

make it monday...

Last week I worked on these projects

that had been *brewing* for awhile.

I'd had these cute little jars sitting at the shop for awhile.

Nobody was interested.

Then I found these cute mailbox numbers


other *black and whites* that I worked on

Maybe this will keep me motivated to keep going...

on those piles of unfinished projects.



In the meantime, I 'm still busy...
busy cleaning my kitchen.
One thing leads to another and then another;
but it is getting clean!

Feels good.

So far, I have resisited the urge to


What good is cleaning if I can't re-decorate?
Oh ya, it keeps the health dept. away.
Anyways, I'm hoping
to get to where I can take photos
for White Wednesday.

Another motivator.

Talk to ya later,


Sweet Old Vintage said...

You always have great ideas and lovely finished projects...

Cindy said...

Darling! I love the black and white theme going on with all of them. I especially love the little jars, but the frames are lovely too. :)
Thanks for linking up!

Catherine said...

I love these! Black and white is my favorite! Very inspiring - thanks!

June said...

Rene, your projects turned out great...but everything you do turns out great! I love the black and white. I think it just makes everything 'chic'.

Maureen said...

What a lovely transformation! Bet they won't sit for long now. said...

Those jars are adorable and are sure to sell now. You have motivated me. There are always so many fun projects that are waiting to be done. I just need one more day to a week:)
The capers of the vintage vixens

Anonymous said...

Where do you get all the energy?!? All of it is wonderful, Rene!
Zuzu said...

wow, everything looks great. I love the bead board hook thingy. :)

fairmaiden said...

Those jars turned out amazing. Wow, who knew a black and white address number could do so much.

Black and White sure seems to be the in thing right now. We just painted my daughters furniture black. Turned out great, but I just haven't been able to get any good pics yet.

AllyJo said...

Beautiful, as always.

Barbara Jean said...

Great ideas.

Love the jars with numbers.


barbara jean