Tuesday, August 18, 2009

these hands...

I love these hands.

These are the hands of the boy.

The boy I married.

These are the hands of the man.
The man I am still married to


love with all of my heart.

They have been busy hands .

They have been hard-working hands.

These hands have provided for us so faithfully and so willingly.

These hands tell of the 49 years of service

that has been given so freely.

These hands have been used by God.

These hands hold mine.
They have been the hands

to comfort me

to love me


to hold mine in prayer.

They have been the hands to hold our babies.

These hands

have changed their diapers,

taught them to throw a football

and to pray.

These hands have transformed our houses into our homes.

They have been the *do it* behind the *think it*.

They have built houses,


and memories.

I love these hands.

I love this man.

Happy Birthday, Dearie!


Sweet Old Vintage said...

What a lovely and loving post.... You have something with your hubby allot of people never have and I can see and hear that you cherish it very much... A lovely compliment to your husband......and you...

Jan's Blog said...

What a sweet and touching way to describe love...thru the hands. As a child hands were frightening to me, and I love seeing examples where hands were loving and supportive and creative, and especially hands that prayed. You are truly blessed.

podso said...

A sweet, sweet post! What a creative and loving way to honor your hubby on his birthday.

Lenemora said...

Beautiful writing, beautiful hands and a faithful God behind

Hug from Lenemora

Rebecca said...

It does my heart soooo good to read about another HAPPY LADY who LOVES HER MAN after years and years of marriage.

God is so good. Good all the time!

Love, Rebecca

Sandi said...

Oh Rene' what a wonderful and touching post. You sure have a way with words! (and photos!) I celebrate your wonderful family and marriage with you. Oh and...happy birthday to your man. :)


Aaaahhhh, you almost made me cry, what a sweet post, you and your hubby are very lucky to have one another!! I have to say I love my Jeffy's hands too and I feel a special connection to him through his hands so I loved this and you said it all so perfectly.

Anonymous said...

Sweet and beautiful way to show your love for your man!!!


Cindy said...

The sweetest blog I've ever read.


Rose Garden Romantic said...

What a sweet post!! Your guy sure is a keeper and very handsome, too!!

fairmaiden said...


Barb said...

Beautiful post!!

I'm putting something together about 'hands' too, but nothing so beautiful as this.

Barbara Jean

Kim said...

Rene, that was so beautiful! It brought me to tears just to read your words. As I read, I could feel your love for Curt. What a wonderful presentation to him. You are truly a lucky couple because you have what so many stive a lifetime for, but sometimes never achieve - A true blessing indeed! Here's praying that your love for one another will continue to grow and strengthen under God's loving guidance! :)