Monday, December 21, 2009

christmas past and present #14...a repost

It just wouldn't be Christmas
It's A Wonderful Life

We started our annual viewing last night,
I love the story.
George, giving up his dreams, to serve others.
Family and Friends blessing him in his time of need.
Makes me cry every time.
Oh ya. And that house -to die for!
Do you love it,too?


gracy said...

Haven't watched that one yet this year! :) That house is gorgeous.

Donna Lynn said...

Hi there Rene,
Thanks so much for continuing to visit me even when I have been very AWOL! It has been a hard time for me these past months, I am looking forward to some happy times on the 25th!! My youngest son and daughter in law, love love love Christmas, I will have to go and get some movies to watch with them, Victoria always tells me to watch The Christmas Story, and I never have yet...sad, I know!!
I too, love to watch movies and look at the houses and decor, it is the only reason I watched Marie Antionette, loved all the pink and confection interiors!

Have a wonderful time with your family this Christmas season, I am going to be a much better blogger now that all the estate stuff is past me, so I will check in with you soon I promise!
Donna Lynn

Joni Kaye said...

Hi Rene,

I love your blog and look forward to every post!!
I also love "It's A Wonderful Life" and watch it every year, too!!
Have a Merry Christmas!!

Rochelle said...

We also have a tradition of watching Its a Wonderful Life - we watch it on Christmas Eve. Sad to say though that usually I am so tired from prep work for Christmas dinner and wrapping gifts, etc. that I usually fall asleep and never get to see the entire movie! I am going to have to watch it on a different night when i am not so tired. :)

vintagewindow said...

Me and the family watched the movie last night. By far, my favorite for the season. I posted some facts about the movie on my blog. Check it out.

Love your blog. You have a beautiful home.


lady jane said...

This movie is one of my all time favorites. They don't make 'em like that anymore, Rene. up his dreams, to serve others...

excellent exhortation. <><

Anonymous said...

"Do you love it,too?"


Anonymous said...

Seasons Greetings,

I do love that movie but my favorites are Miracle on 34th St -- the original from 1947 - and A Christmas Story.

Rene, your home and blog are beautiful. A pleasure to read through. Thank you for sharing.

Have a wonderful Christmas.