Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Here are some more photos of the Molly~Mo's sale.
I just love her space.
For those of you city folks this might be a common place to frequent
but for this country girl it was quite a treat!

We just don't have places like this to shop here.

Isn't this just the cutest counter?

I want my shop to look like this.

Remember this shot?

This is what it now looks like.

WE have been busy getting ready for the next Miss Gracie's & Friends Sale.

My husband thought we should redo this garage to be my work/show space. Right now the roof leaks and it is the eyesore of the place.

He has been building the trusses~we are scheduled for a work party Saturday to put them up.

Only 4 weeks until sale time-do you think I can get what is in my mind to completion? I'll keep you updated on the progress!


Stephanie said...

OOOOoooo, I didnt know you were having a sale ? I cant wait! If its anything like the 3 Friends, wow!!!
Hopefully the weather holds out for you this weekend, looks like you have some work to do, I dont envy you. But, the finished product will be so worth the work!!

Rose Garden Romantic said...

You have a lovely blog! That store Molly Mo's looks fabulous!

Holly (Nickname) said...

ooooh, can't wait to see how it turns out! Hope it was a huge success!
xxxooo Ruth

A Thing for Roses said...

You are so lucky to have all that space to work in. I want to wish you luck on your upcoming sale. I'm sure you will do great, you things are always so pretty!

Best wishes,


the feathered nest said...

What a wonderful place - I could find tons of things to buy there! Good luck with getting your space ready!


Alice W. said...

Lovvvving that shop! Wish I could visit!

Yours has the potential and can't wait to see the finished place!!!

Diane said...

Thank you for posting pictures of my shop! It was so great to meet you and your husband and hear about your shop plans, glad you were inspired. We all need to be inspired by others and I hope to make it to your place some day. Wishing you all the best, I can tell by your blog you have great taste, a wonderful home and love for your family - these are the ingredients for success!