Friday, March 14, 2008


Rejoice with those that rejoice;

mourn with those that mourn...

romans 12:15

These are words I have used often with my children.

The past weeks have been such an opportunity

for me to put them into practice.

I posted awhile back about the loss of our precious Ellie Rene'.

BUT this week I got another phone call~

"we're pregnant!"

My oldest son and his wife are expecting!

After 3 years of struggle with infertility!

Again, the tears flowed.

THANKS be to God-He is good!


Haus Frau said...

What joy! :o)

I walked infertility row and it aint fun but the reward of a precious gift from God was sooo worth it.

Mrs. MK said...

And we DO rejoice!! With dancing and hugs and singing and laughter!

Stephanie said...

How awesome! That is wonderful news and Im sure you are all so happy and feel so blessed. Best of everything to your family :)

Ditaur said...
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